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SEO is more than backlinks

Getting low-quality backlinks and guest posts can hurt your SEO. Many “SEO EXPERTS” are selling snake oil. Research before you trust your SEO service provider.

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Web Hosting

The site’s speed, user interaction, and dwell time are all important factors to Google. Having a slow site or users leaving your pages a lot. This will hurt your SEO

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Google is not the only search engine

More often than not, other search engines are overlooked. Bing will still bring in some users but to a lower extent.

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Vast online visibility plays a vital role in bringing customers. This zone should not be left off. Competition is fierce both offline and online. While you are doing your part in managing offline affairs, why not let the experts handle the online presence?
Bing is Relevant and Most Often Overlooked
Whether you are a startup or have been in the field for a long time, our sole purpose is your maximum online presence. With changes in virtual visitors’ interest, the tactics to lure customer also changes. We are happy to serve you in this ever-evolving section called digital marketing. We run our business with the objective of your profits. The updated and supported team helps you to get through all the challenges you face in your site’s optimization journey.
Internal Links

Internal Links are a great source of anchor text to boost your SEO as long as they are helpful to the user. They are robust, easy, and fast links with low risk.


Backlinks are potent but can also be highly toxic to your site. They can skyrocket you to the front page and can skyrocket you off Google.

Service Area

Google has become stricter on service-based industries. An address must not be shown unless there is a public office. Unfortunately, new businesses with less google trust are forced into this boat of a service area. This requires a harder push in SEO to rank.


Private Blog Networks are powerful until they are detected by google. They are a powerful link but also a risk-based


Quality content is not only something that ranks. It is also something that needs to lead to a conversion. Pushing a page to the top of Google will make it struggle to stay there without good content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is not only your Bing places and Google Business Profile. Your website also helps boost your local SEO.

SEO Race

Bursting with healthful properties, this food source is packed with flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin B6

Ads are a Small Portion of the Pie

The review of 40 million US-based searches showed that most of all searches result in no clicks. 45% of all searches end in a click on a web result. This is typically on the engine’s first page and within the first few organic results. The rest are ads. Google has continually been improving its Ad base clicks as this is a significant revenue source for Google. Such as, google will start limiting what Ad blocks can filter from chrome. Organic results will still be king, but ADs will have more impact on business. Businesses looking to expand should focus on both sources of leads.


No Click Searches


Organic clicks


Ad based clickes

Bing is Relevant and Most Often Overlooked

Bing places and bing searches are still relevant in today’s market. It is the default search engine on desktop devices. Amazon Alexa also uses bing search as voice searches are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market. It should not be overlooked.

Total Market Share
Desktop Market Share
US Market Share

Let us help you achieve your goals within your budget

Investing in SEO can be daunting for a small business or a startup, but we are here to open that door. We will craft a customized plan that works around your budget.

We start all Local SEO with an audit and optimization of your listings

We will start with getting your listing up to speed. Compare you to other local competition and provide a path moving forward. Discuss expected costs.

Our Commitment to Building Long-Lasting Relationships

At Kosch’s Marketing LLC, our goal is to build a strong relationship with our clients, one that is based on trust and mutual success. We don’t believe in making a quick buck.