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Why Chat GPT is not for your SEO Writing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually invading our life. From teaching to learning, medical to judicial, we are equipped with its dependency now. Undoubtedly, It is assisting and helping us in various ways. Now Chat GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer), an open AI, is residing in everyone’s electronic devices. It has become one of the most popular tools to work with.

Saving time, Giving the best outcomes, gathering information from a vast digital platform, and presenting it in a few relevant words, this AI is a life savior for many people. However, the drawback of high dependency overcomes its advantages sometimes. People might neglect to learn new skills and language or create new ideas because chat gpt serves everything effortlessly for free.

Chat GPT encompasses almost all vocations, one occupation that can utilize this AI tool to the fullest is digital marketing. But stop! Hold your horses because you only ‘can’ but you ‘should not.’ Before you frown your eyebrows in disagreement, here are the reasons why we are making such a strong claim:-

Why Chat GPT is not for your SEO Writing

Lack of Originality and Uniqueness:

Yes, chat gpt generates content with minimum or no errors; however, there is a lack of originality in its language. The syntactic formation remains the same, which can result in a lack of excitement for readers. SEO content writers bring their own taste and uniqueness to the writing. Chat gpt is not successful in that. Things can be adopted in this way; there are thousands of good writers working with their incredible minds. On the other side, Chat Gpt is a single tool that operates solely based on the information available on the World Wide Web.

The search engines have worked and improved their algorithm to rank qualitative and unique content higher. Therefore, SEO content writers create desired content to impress search engines. Since the content created by Chat Get does not testify to the writers’ efforts in content creation, it may experience a fall in ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

If everyone uses ai to create content for SEO, there would be similarities in content. Similarity kills SEO, and uniqueness drives it.

Against Google Content Criteria:

Google is the most popular search engine. This search engine has content criteria that the SEO writer follows. ‘EEAT’ is a formula that lays the foundation of content writing. EEAT signifies experience, expertise, authority, and trust. AI-generated content does not fit in the criteria.

No Contextualization and Insights:

A master SEO company knows the importance of individualization of its client. Every business has its own need and goals. The SEO content creation is based on these needs and goals. The SEO company gains insights into the business need to rank higher. Ai-generated content is not qualified to do that. Yes, it can create high-quality content with impressive words, but it may lack the unique need of the business.
The target audience is different for every business and its SEO campaign; chat gpt is unable to make a difference in the content accordingly. Some contents’ context requires humor and sarcasm. It may not always be able to create content that empathizes and relate with the audience.

The Content can be Detected by AI Detectors:

Ai-generated content is detectable by search engines. Even though you make some editing to the content, search Engines like Google can locate the source of the content. Well! There is no solid proof that Google and other search engines discourage AI-generated content. However, the lack of originality may attack the rank of your web page. In April 2022, Google penalized the AI-generated tool. However, there is a shift in the idea of penalizing AI content. Google is accepting it but till when? The question is still unanswered. A tweet by John Mueller said that he highly discourages the blind following of ai while writing articles as content marketers know their audience better than AI.

Victim of Plagiarism:

Chat got summons the information through the web and then presents it. Therefore it is a clear plagiarism. The search engines discard copied content and might remove the web page from the search engine as a penalty. Therefore, being solely dependent on the gpt is not friendly for an SEO writer.

Low Readability Score:

The ai-generated content is not designed for everyone. The content is always comprised of upper-level vocabulary. This can be an obstruction in reading, and the readers might avoid reading after encountering three to four words they have not understood. SEO writers take care of that. The articles and blogs must be readable by the maximum number of people. It should have simple words and short sentences.

The AI limits the creativity of the writer. However, If it is used effectively, it can assist you in some tasks like:

  • Brainstorming the blog ideas.
  • Creating the outlines of a blog.
  • Can help with the keyword research
  • Creating the first draft of the content

As a digital marketing agency, it is our responsibility to tell you not to depend on the Chat gap entirely. Add your writing touch and taste to the blogs. This is what makes the article unique and eliminates uniformity.

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