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Web Hosting

Hosting Solution with benefits.

High Availability

Uninterrupted online presence, with high availability web hosting solutions, are guardian angels for the site whose revenue relies heavily on their website to drive revenue and engage customers. Stay connected, and stay online with a web hosting service that is always on time!

Next-Generation Firewall

Unleash the Power of Advanced Protection with Next-Gen Firewall Technology. In this highly competitive world, with cloud storage, sabotaging counterpart businesses in a malicious way is easy. In addition to providing advanced threat protection, we improve network performance and reduce complexity by consolidating multiple security functions, such as intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering, into a single platform.

Solution Management

Get the burden off your shoulder of managing the infrastructure, servers, software, and security measures to ensure your optimal performance, reliability, and security.

Let us manage the tech, so you can manage your success - with our solution management services.

Performance Storage

Unlock your website's true potential with the power of blazing-fast performance storage. In today's highly competitive digital landscape, website visitors expect fast and seamless experiences.It is easy for them to make their thumb dance on the back click. We are here to significantly improve a website's overall performance, user engagement, and ultimately drive more conversions and revenue.

Your Website Speed Matters

Did you know that page speed can impact your search engine rankings and your guests’ experience on your website? Google has made it clear that a fast-loading website is a critical ranking factor, especially as more and more users access the web on mobile devices. Web page speed also helps maintain visitor retention as most users’ bounce rates go from 32% when comparing 1 to 3 seconds and 123% when taking comparing 1 second to 10 seconds. That’s why we offer web hosting optimized for speed and performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly on desktop and mobile devices. Let us take care of your web hosting needs so you can focus on running your business.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for High-Speed Websites

Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores a small portion of your website on remote servers. These servers are located worldwide, and in many cases, multiple servers are located in a single country. This means that when someone accesses your site, the server closest to them will deliver the content, dramatically improving your site’s load time. This is crucial for providing visitors with a fast and seamless browsing experience and can also improve your website’s search engine ranking since page speed is a ranking factor. At Kosch’s Marketing, we offer CDNs as part of our web hosting services so that you can enjoy fast website speeds without any additional effort.

Your Site's Speed with Our Page Optimization Services

We specialize in optimizing WordPress websites to ensure they load quickly and efficiently. Our optimization services include the following:

  • Compressing of code
  • Converting images to the latest generation formats
  • Integrating content delivery networks (CDNs) for even faster load times

After we’re done, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in your site’s speed and performance when compared to a non-optimized site.

Wix sites have their own CDN and optimization process and are unlikely to see further improvement.

Hosting Plan

Bring your own site

$ 15.99 Month
  • Speed optimized
  • Unlimited free emails*
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • CDN
  • On call support

Use a site we built for you

$ 20-45 Month
  • Speed optimized
  • Unlimited free emails*
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • CDN
  • On Call support

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