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Optimize Your Website for Voice Searches

Voice search, search engine optimization

Technology is on a mission to make our lives better. If we examine the history of technology and search engines, it began by providing us with information on a screen within seconds. As time has passed, search engines, like Google have updated their algorithms to provide us with better results. Now, it is becoming increasingly common for people to depend on technology. It has become so convenient that people often don’t even bother to type into search engines. Who would have thought that in 2023, we would actually be conversing with bots to obtain the information we need? Voice search’s reach is expanding with every app update, software launch, and introduction of AI.

The webmasters here need to up their game to stay competitive in this neck-to-neck race. With technical convenience, people are becoming busier and more impatient. They do not have time to explore more than four web pages. They either change the keywords (the terms used to search engines to obtain query answers), settle for the answers they receive, or turn to AI bots for assistance.

In this blog, we will tell you how to cope with the rising voice searches and gain a higher ranking in search engine result pages.
Here are the steps:-

Write in a Conversational Tone:

When you talk to your friend, how do you ask geographical questions like’ Where is Florida’? Correct right? You do not say ‘Florida location’ or ‘Tell the location of Florida,’ these are unusual phrases to use while talking to a friend. Similar is the case with AI or voice searches; you talk to them as you talk as a person. This is what the future is expecting- The content in a conversational tone

Adding question phrases starting with ‘what, where, when, who, why, and how’ and answering them in your content can make your webpage voice search friendly. Present the heading in the question form and give the text in the answer form

Even AI bots like Bard and Chat GPT are known as ‘conversational open AI.’ They converse with you while providing answers. They retrieve information from the web only, which is from your site. Therefore, a conversational tone is helpful in both voice searches and AI bots.

Voice search optimization

AI bots like Bard are not deceivers; they wouldn’t claim your answers as theirs to the users. Bard tells the source of its answers. It chooses the top and authentic searches to provide the answers to the users. 

Make it a point that only writing in a conversational tone won’t get your website anywhere. Remember Google’s E-A-T rule to achieve a higher ranking. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Before writing the content, do keyword research, check what is trending, estimate what the user might type while looking for the content you are creating, and take assistance from the SEO tool; the best option is to hire a team of SEO experts to perform this task for you.

Original, engaging, concise, and high-quality content forms the foundation of a successful website.

Optimize for Local SEO:

Around 70% of people use voice searches while looking for services near them. The process of optimizing your website for local searches is known as Local SEO. People search for the service by saying the service name and the phrase ‘near me,’ or the location name. or the location name. Local SEO is a process to optimize the local business website and gain a higher ranking for local searches. Google’s algorithm works in a way that even if the user does not say or type ‘near me’ or its location, Google can detect the location and present the result that is relevant to your area.

Optimize for Mobile Phones:

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Cell phone voice searches are more popular among users than other device voice search. Why would it not be? The cell phone is with the user 24/7. Hence, optimize your site and check the other devices’ responsibility also to gain high traffic on your site. Also, examine if the website is responsible for all screen sizes and devices.

Kosch's Marketing:

Be it a new trend, the current running algorithm, or the announced algorithm updates of the search engines. Kosch's Marketing is there to provide you with services that give you a higher ranking in every way. We plan our marketing strategies that line up with your business needs, current online trends, and updated algorithms. We provide maximum digital marketing services starting from website creation to website optimization. Don't wait to bring more customers to your business. Schedule a meeting with us or leave a text to drive more conversion.