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Middle of the Funnel Marketing: Explained

Table of Contents

What is Middle of the Funnel Marketing?

The Middle of the funnel (MOFU) marketing is the marketing stage, where people are aware of your product and considering buying it. The prospects seek in-depth knowledge of the brand, and educating them becomes essential at this stage to move them toward the bottom of the funnel.

Pricing, trust, quality, and solution are the prime things customers compare when choosing a product. Ensure that your product delivers all these things at a level that satisfies customers. Additionally, nurturing customers is crucial to encourage them to make a purchase.

There is intense competition in the market for products, with multiple substitutes available to address a single problem. Your brand should fulfill the demand of the customers to beat your competitors.

  • Related Terms:-

    • Top-of-the-FunnelThis is the stage before MOFU. In this stage, marketers create broader awareness of the product or brand.
    • Bottom-of-the-FunnelAfter supporting the evaluation of customers in the MOFU stage, this marketing stage focuses on the customer’s decision. By this point, the customer is aware of the product, and their inquiries have been answered. Their doubts have been addressed, and they are now independent in choosing a suitable product to purchase.
Marketing Funnel

Why is the Middle of the funnel marketing (MOFU) Important?

MOFU is the pathway of the customer journey that takes them to their final stage. This stage needs a high concentration as nurturing of customers takes place here. Lots of efforts are made to make people aware of the brand in TOFU. If this level’s activity is not performed effectively, you might lose a potential client for the future also.

Several important actions occur in this marketing stage.

1. Customer Relation Building

Customer Relation BuildingMOFU is the stage where you are in contact with the customers personally. Evaluating their behavior and clearing their doubts is a prime task of this stage. Building relationships is closely linked to establishing trust. You provide credibility for your brand when you provide valuable and relevant information. Even in rare cases, the customer is not in a position to buy the product; he/she will eventually come back because of the trust and reliability you have instilled in them for your product.

2. Receiving Feedback: Assessing Areas for Improvement

This provides an opportunity to identify areas where your brand can improve. Evaluating customers’ behavior towards your brand in the MOFU stage allows you to assess your product as well. Interacting with customers can guide you on additional measures that can be taken to enhance their experience. It can tell you what is good in your product and services so that you will continue with the action.

Resources and Elements of Middle of the Funnel Marketing

1. Follow-up emails and calls

In TOFU, you may have sent bulk emails and called on every lead. However, in the MOFU stage, the audience has been filtered. You need to personalize your relationship here. Following up with these leads serves as a reminder that you still value their interest in your offer and services. Remember, TOFU focuses on maximum leads, while MOFU focuses on qualified leads. With follow-up emails and calls, you can induce them to follow a particular call to action.

2. Customer's Video

MOFU is the stage where the customer has started making a decision. To firm their decision in your favor, you need to exhibit the credibility, reliability, and previous performance of your services. Your current customers can assist you in achieving this goal. Ask them to record a video for you stating their experience with your work. Ensure to tell them the purpose behind the recording and where you intent to play it.

3. Testimonials:

Testimonials are the official statements from the customers that express their experience or opinion about your organization and its services. They build trust and credibility for potential and new customers. In MOFU marketing, where nurturing the customers’ decisions is a goal, Testimonials can significantly influence their purchasing decision.

4. Reviews

Reviews are the opinions about your services. They are different from testimonials as testimonials are given directly to the company, whereas reviews are posted through third-party mediums like social media or a website. Having positive reviews can boost your sales and increase the reliability of the product.

5. Ensure Easy Accessibility: :

Customers can change their decision to buy in an instant, and the market is highly competitive. Your competitors are ready to seize the opportunity if a customer’s call is ignored or cannot be connected. Providing quick and responsive service can help you secure a strong and loyal customer.

6. Setting up Webinars :

Hosting educational webinars or participating in industry events to showcase expertise, interact with potential customers, and provide in-depth information that helps prospects make informed decisions.


7. Expert Guides and How-To's:

MOFU stage requires clearing the confusion of the customers. Giving experts a guide on how to use a product or why the product is beneficial for target customers helps in this stage. By providing education about your product through an expert’s guide, you can save customers time
and ease the path of purchasing for them.


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