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Link Building -A Beginner's Guide

Links are the addresses of web pages. The internet contains an abundance of content, and links serve as the addresses for accessing that content. Whether it’s a video on YouTube, a picture on Flickr, an audio on Spotify, a blog on Kosch’s Marketing, or a post on social media, everything on the World Wide Web has its own address. Sharing that address allows you to share the content.

When we talk about link building in digital marketing, it is not about designing the link (or address) of a webpage; it is about building relations and connections with other websites to add the links of your website to other websites.  

The hyperlink of your web page added by other websites to their web pages is known as a backlink. The backlinks are the vote of confidence in your website. The process is referred to as backlinking, which also involves building relationships with other websites. This is achieved by using strong content as link bait, enticing websites to willingly add a link to their websites.

Backlinking is an essential aspect of SEO. Google and other search engines take the backlinks into account and rank your website accordingly. Reputable and authoritative backlinks give you a higher ranking. In contrast, a poor or low number of backlinks will make your website out of reach of visitors. Another advantage of backlinks is that they can drive traffic from other websites to your own.

Backlinking falls in the succeeding activities of website SEO practices. Building one’s website with a robust reputation and relevant content is the initial step, as they are the elements that attract other websites to connect and build relationships with you. it is about building relations and connections with other websites to add the links of your website to other websites.  

Strategies for Backlinking:

Backlinking strategies involve various techniques and approaches to acquire high-quality backlinks for your website. Here are some effective strategies for backlinking:

High-Quality Content for Link Baiting:

Content is the prime thing anyone would notice on your website. It is a link-worthy asset. It builds the relevancy of the site. Ensure your content is informative, relevant, valuable, unique, and well-written. In school, would you rather copy your homework with a student with correct answers or the one with an organized notebook but with wrong answers? We all know the answer. This is the power of great content. It outshines all. Other additional elements will require the support of the content and cannot stand alone, make a mark and attract the links.

High-quality content acts as link bait, enticing other websites or content creators to engage with and link to your content.

Guest Blogging:

 As the words themselves say, guest blogging is when you write a blog for other websites. It makes you a guest blogger. When you are writing for other websites, you have the liberty to add content based on the topic you are obliged to write. You are free to add the backlink whenever you want. You have the freedom to add your chosen anchor text and can incline the content toward your website’s relevancy. 

To be a guest blogger, you cannot simply approach other sites and request them to add your blog to their content. Instead, you need to establish yourself as an authoritative writer in order to contribute your writing to authoritative websites.

What is Anchor Text-  Anchor text is the clickable text that works as a path to other websites or webpage. The anchor text ‘click here to visit the landing page’ directs visitors to the landing pages. All other highlighted texts you see in this post are anchor texts.

Ensure your anchor text is relatable to the webpage you are linking it to. Search engines can read anchor text, so adding relevant text as anchor text makes a positive difference in your ranking.


 Promotion is advertising your product or services to do business. Outreach and create your network with other businesses and your audience. Many marketing tactics, such as social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc., are adapted to perform the task. 

Share your progress and achievements to the authoritative websites and then ask to add a backlink.

Broken Link Replacement:

Broken links are the links of webpages that are inactive or no longer exist. Check for the broken links in reputable websites that fall under your industry. Reach out to the webmaster and offer them your web address with the relevant content.
Broken links can damage a website’s ranking. Hence, offering the replacement with your link is convenient for both parties.

Things to keep in Mind while adding a Backlink:

Add Qualified Links:

While building the links, prioritize quality over quantity. Backlinking would be so easy if the unreliable links were taken into account positively. Tactics like private blog networks (PBN) are adapted to escalate a website’s ranking through link building. Utter attention is required while building PBN. Ensure that the website you are linking to is trustworthy and has a credible reputation on the internet.



Providing a backlink is an easy assignment. All websites need to do is copy the address of a website or a webpage and add a hyperlink to their own website. A regular check is essential while managing your website. Competitors can add a backlink to your website from unreliable sources to damage the reputation of a website. Adding poor-quality backlinks to the competitors’ websites is a negative SEO activity. Search engines can penalize webmasters who indulge in such activity; still, it is your responsibility to analyze and monitor the backlinks your site is getting. Check for broken backlinks also to maintain a reputable image of your website.


Ensure that the backlinks your website has are from different websites. The process establishes a credible image of your website for search engines. A diverse link portfolio also signifies a diverse audience’s traffic from other websites to yours.

Same Industry:

The backlinks should be from the same industry as your business. It helps you attract your targeted audience. For Example- The audience in home improvement will be interested in carpeting and interior designing. It will be worthless to attract an audience who are far away to be interested in your business.

Kinds of Links:

Internal Links:

Internal links are the links you add to your webpage and your other webpage. It helps search engine crawlers in navigating web pages. Internal links improve the user experience and website structure. The links of other web pages of our site provided in this blog are the example of internal linking.

Internal Linking

External Links:

The backlinks one gets from other websites are known as an external link. 

External link

Follow Links:

Backlinks provide these major advantages. 

  1. They drive traffic from other websites to yours.
  2. They build the reliability of the website that helps in the search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking.
  3. They help in indexing and crawling a webpage.

Follow links offer all the advantages.

No-Follow Links:

 On the other hand, no-follow links provide only one advantage out of two. They bring traffic from one website to the other but do not have any participation in raising the rank of a website. They indicate that search engines do not consider the link a reliability factor.

Kosch's Marketing:

Link building is one of the pillars of SEO, and it requires a comprehensive approach. The concept is more extensive than it may seem. The team of experts at Kosch’s Marketing specializes in a wide range of digital marketing strategies that are customized to meet your business needs.

We are here to assist you in reaching your targeted audience and increasing conversions. With just a text away, we can help you establish a strong online presence.Kosch's Marketing