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Google Analytics and Ad Management


Google Analytics

Google provides an astonishing tool, Google Analytics, to make sure your SEO is on the right track. Google Analytics keeps track of and also measures the conversions on a website. It delivers the data you need to make smarter decisions. Not only for Google ads; Google analytics assists with social media profiles and ads also.

Improve your ROI with Ads, gauge the effectiveness of your site


SEO is one aspect, but how much of your traffic is being converted into soft leads? This is where gauging the copywriting comes into place, seeing if you are getting the soft conversions of phone calls or contact requests. Work on improving soft conversions.

Ad Management

Ads have multiple goals. Either being impressions to increase brand awareness to receiving the highest ROI on Ads. We will customize your Ad account to meet your goals and provide reports as needed.

Site Improvements

Identify low-performing pages with a high bounce rate. Review these pages to improve user engagement on these pages and get more conversions.