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Digital Marketing: What should we expect from the future

Digital Marketing Future

Digital marketing has been a constantly evolving aspect of the business since its inception in 1990, and it continues to evolve as we enter the second half of the year 2023. Initially, it progressed gradually, and now advancing rapidly, everything in the digital world is undergoing transformation. We have been sharing knowledge about the basics of digital marketing, detailed components, local marketing strategies for local SEO, the impact of new technologies on the marketing landscape, and various other valuable information.

In this blog, we will discuss the things we should expect from the future in the marketing world and the tactics that will be highly welcomed by the audience in the near future.

What is Gradually Changing the Marketing World in 2023:

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Like any other occupation, digital marketing is also adapting to the introduction of AI. Many see it as a threat; many consider it a friend. Let’s focus on the positive side first; it helps in keyword research, it can help with outlining a blog; moreover, some AI can help you in creating content also. Now on the darker side, AI is accelerating the competition. This competition extends to standing out, becoming the favorite of search engines, and creating the most creative and appealing content. Every aspect of the competition is now moving at a faster pace.
Well, of course, AI has not consumed the brains of billions of content creators out there, but yes, now the creators have one more giant competitor other than their counterparts which is Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is a branch of AI and the best friend of Marketers. Even if it has a darker side, the marketers will go there with their blindfolds. Why? Because it helps in predicting the consumers’ behavior based on their past choices. It can predict trends and automate various digital marketing tasks.

Though the darker side is being ignored by us still, it is worth mentioning. Machine learning is known by all marketers. Therefore, they are being used everywhere, accelerating the competition and raising the bar to impress the audience, and somehow all these things end up irritating the target audience. You may end up with a report or block notification if this tactic is not used with caution.

Rise of Voice Search:

Rise of Voice Search

Technology is making us lazier rather than making our lives easier. It started with typing, and now voice searches are in high usage. Most AI chatbots we are getting introduced with provide voice search. Voice search provides a great user experience; hence it is becoming everyone’s favorite. The estimation said that around 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2023. Voice search appears to be more of a necessity for users rather than just an option. This technical change brings some changes in the digital marketing world. How to cope with the change, we will discuss further in this blog.

The digital world is evolving so does the world of digital marketing. New technologies have been introduced to us from the beginning, and marketing experts are molding their strategies accordingly. The changes we have discussed above require recent trends for alignment. Let’s discuss approaching trends for 2023 and beyond that will be used in digital channels by digital marketers.

What should you do?


Your target audience is not outdated. It is aware of the mass email you sent and the mass text audience received with their registered name. They know they are not specifically receiving the marketing messages such as wishes, offers, and other notifications. These are computer-generated texts designed to personalize the texts.
The future requires more than this. Suppose you are a small business and have just started to build a connection with prospects. Your cold email list requires more digital marketing efforts. An approachable personalized caption and some details that make the prospects feel that the mail is specifically designed for them only woo the receiver.
For strong prospects, you need to design emails with no bulk receivers. It won’t take long and is more beneficial. Sending ten personal emails and getting eight responses with concrete contracts is better than sending a thousand emails and receiving ten weak responses.

Ace the Creativity:

As mentioned, marketers have new competition, that is, AI. One thing that the most popular search engine, Google, has cleared is that it will rank the web pages that will display more creativity. It is clearly stated by the search engine that clear, unique, and informative content is a priority. The audience itself doesn’t want to stick to the content that could force them to yawn and sleep. The creative content that informs and entertains makes the visitors stay longer on your website. The longer stay signifies that you are providing content worth reading. Hence this will affect creativity. 

AI-generated content is welcomed by search engines. However, we don’t know when this can change, and AI-generated content has its own demerits also in online marketing.

The creativity can be implemented in all kinds of marketing campaigns:

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing

I hope the readers won’t frown upon me when I repeat myself and say that technology is making us lazy. With this change, video marketing is more trendy and estimated to be more popular in the near future. Why? Well, because reading is an active exercise, whereas watching and listening is passive. Other than this, the video leaves a long-lasting impact on the texts. With video marketing, you can practically show what you want to say about the product.
Influencer Marketing is on becoming more and more trendy with each passing day. Social Media Marketing is overtaking traditional digital marketing. Video marketing and influencer marketing are outspreading in the digital marketing world.
Get ready to see more live streams, webinars, and interactive videos popping up. They offer a super cool way to connect with people, which is why businesses are jumping on board with platforms that have Google Ads video campaigns.

Conversational Content:

Google’s AI Bard and voice search will push the content with a conversational tone higher on search engine result pages. Your target audience searches with the conversation tone only while chatting with Bard or through the voice search. A cook will ask, ‘What is the recipe for a chicken curry,’ ‘How to make chicken curry,’ or ‘ The recipe for chicken curry.’ The conversational keyword will be more favorite of search engines, especially after open AI chatbots like Chat GPT  and Bard.


Tactics change with the introduction of new technology and the audience’s taste. The changes we have discussed may change in the coming years. You do not worry about that. Kosch’s Marketing keeps an eye on the evolution of the digital marketing industry. The updated team, with its updated skills, strategizes and implements the effective action that results in maximum conversion. If you are stuck with poor marketing or no plans, schedule a free meeting with us or leave a text. We are only a ring away.