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Catch Up with the New Marketing Trends with Video Marketing

New Marketing Trends with Video Marketing 

The trends are evolving; the market is growing. Hence, the strategies to cope with these trends are evolving. 2023 is bringing many changes in digital marketing. Businesses also need to evolve their game and follow the newest trends in the market. And what are the new trends? How to follow them? How can you optimize your website and its content? Don’t worry. We are here for you to provide you with the latest updates and trends in the digital marketing world.


Video marketing is the new trend on the table. The average American spends nearly six hours online, of which 2.5 hours are spent on social media. But what do people do on social media? Socialize? Well, the entire time is not reserved for socializing. People also engage with entertaining pictures and videos. Social media videos are the most effective way to influence users. The audio and visual combination provides ample space for marketers to convey a clear and constructive message.


This blog discusses the new video marketing trends for 2023. Additionally, it explains how you can make the best use of videos and optimize them to promote your products or services.


Target the Right Audience:

Target the right audience for 2023 video marketing

The audience is for whom we are creating videos. They are your potential customers. Analyzing who our target audience is, is essential to plan the content of the video. Video marketers consider the following things to target the audience for video marketing.

  • The age of people interested in the product or services.
  • Their preferences for the content.
  • Which social media platform do they use?
  • The amount of time the audience spends on social media. This factor helps determine the ideal video duration. Audiences with limited time might prefer concise videos, such as short-form videos under ten seconds. In contrast, audiences with more time might be interested in watching the entire story and long-form videos.


All of these factors aid in video planning and the creation of personalized videos to effectively drive conversions.

Plan Budget:

Budget planning for video marketing new trends 2023

The marketing team is a pro at planning the budget for video marketing and video advertising. Now we know the audience and its taste in videos. Based on this knowledge, the marketing team can effectively allocate the budget for video marketing. They can prioritize creating videos that align with the audience’s preferences and interests. Moreover, they can also identify the most suitable video platforms or channels to reach the target audience effectively, ensuring that the allocated marketing budget is utilized optimally. Continuous monitoring and analysis of the audience response to video marketing efforts can further refine the budget allocation and strategy, maximizing the impact of video marketing on the target audience.

Determine the Goal of a Business:

Set a goal for marketing before implementing the tactics. Determine whether the goal is brand awareness or product awareness. Create the content accordingly. If the audience already knows your brand, use the past reference to maintain brand reputation. If the goal is to create product awareness, highlight the unique features and benefits of the product. After all, the overall marketing goal of a business can vary depending on various factors such as growth, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction, or innovation. It is important for a business to clearly define its goal to align its marketing efforts and strategies effectively and impart knowledge in an entertaining way.

How to Optimize the Videos for Video Marketing

After refining your audience, understanding your budget, and planning the type of content you want to create, there are several other crucial factors that play a role both before and after video production. Some of these factors include:

Create Content that Engages

Even people spend around 2,5 hours on social media, which does not portray that they do not value their time. With so much content online, it is tough to grab the attention of people. Create high-quality videos with high-quality content. The short-form videos have raised the bar by conveying the message in an entertaining way. The correct connecting and comic video content is loved by all.

Types of interactive videos like how-to’s, explainer videos, and personalizing videos, humor videos, high-quality videos stating a clear call to action bring a high conversion rate to the business.

Adding Keywords in the Description for Video SEO:

SEO is a strategic plan to follow the algorithm of search engines. Depending on the platform of the video, we follow the actions accordingly. However, keywords are an element that is necessary to gain viewers for the video. The description of the video should tell what the video is about. The brand and product name must be mentioned. These keywords help the online platforms in finding the relevancy of the video and providing it to viewers who watch similar content.

Use Trendy Hashtags:

Hashtags are readable by social media platforms and play a crucial role in categorizing and organizing content. When you include hashtags in your social media posts, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, tiktok, and others recognize and process them to make your content more discoverable and relevant to specific topics or discussions.

Social Media Marketing involves keeping an eye on trending hashtags, music, keywords. They help in the discoverability and categorization of videos. Using trending hashtags also assists in having a wide reach of viewers.


The account should not be left alone for a longer period of time. It is essential to upload videos consistently to engage your users and impress search engines and social media. The latest videos appear more on online platforms. The older videos bounce back to the top after having some engagement from the users. Therefore engaging and consistently uploading your videos help you to achieve your goals.

Time of Uploading:

You may think that the if the video content is good, how does the uploading time matter? Well, it matters. Check when your targeting audience is the most active on the chosen platform. That is the time to upload the videos to receive maximum engagement. Also, social media takes into account when the video receives the first interaction with the video.


Even though the video itself is used as a promotion, the videos still need to be promoted for better reach and engagement. Sharing the videos on more social media platforms and asking the collaborative partners to share the content on their accounts. The sharing also impresses the algorithm and helps sweep the content in a wider reach.

The Category of Videos:

AI-generated, real-life, CGI, or animated videos – based on your budget and the specific needs of the videos – you can plan your content creation. Based on the budget and needs of the videos, there are several options to consider:

1. AI-Generated Videos:

AI-generated videos can be a cost-effective solution for a limited budget and for simple explanatory or instructional videos. These videos can be created using AI platforms that offer pre-made templates, stock images, and text-to-speech technology.

2. Live action Videos:

influencer marketing in 2023

If the budget allows for live-action shooting, real-life videos can be a powerful and authentic way to connect with the audience. Influencer Marketing is most effective for live-action videos. You can hire influencers to create videos. They have a broad reach audience, are experts in creating videos with the latest trends, and possess knowledge of video marketing strategies. With the help of their reach and creative ideas, they contribute to content creation.

3. CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) Videos:

CGI videos can be an excellent option for more complex or fantasy-based content. This approach involves creating virtual environments, characters, and objects using computer software. CGI videos often require a larger budget due to the need for skilled animators, 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering.

4. Animated Videos:

Animated videos can be created in various styles such as 2D, 3D, stop-motion, or motion graphics. They offer flexibility in storytelling and can cater to different target audiences. The budget and complexity of animated videos can vary based on the chosen style, detail level, and length.

It is crucial to determine the goals of the videos, the target audience, and the message you want to convey before finalizing the production approach. Additionally, estimating costs, considering timelines, and assessing available resources will help in planning content creation effectively.