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Diving into Google's 2023 Algorithms Update

Google Algorithm Update 2023

Google continuously works on its ranking algorithm in order to provide the best result to the users. Users’ good experience is supreme for the search engine. A digital marketing agency works to make the user happy. This works as a domino effect and makes search engines happy. At the beginning of the year, Google announced some major updates to filter out qualitative content. With the vast online information, the search engine finds it essential to narrow down the content that best fits the user’s needs.

These are the updates that Google has announced in 2023.

  • Core Update on 15 March.
  • Review Update on 12 April.
  • Mobile Usability Update, applicable from 1 December 2023.
  • Launch of Bard on 21 March

Core Update:

Every now and then, Google releases its major algorithm updates. These major updates affect the ranking of a website. They are known as Core Updates. Core updates are designed to ensure that the relevant information is being served to the users.
Google has started working on assessing the data. It has started rolling out the process. Once it is launched, we will be updating you with that soon.
The update was initiated on 15 March and completed its implementation on 28 March 2023. It aimed at all types of content across all regions and languages, endorsing and encouraging web pages that are of superior quality and value.
Initially, there was limited information regarding the update’s details, resulting in marketers having to patiently monitor their metrics over the following weeks.

Product Review Update:

We are aware of the essentiality of reviews in search results. Reviews are an important aspect of SEO. The digital marketer’s emphasis on reviews and feedback while optimizing a web page. 

People rely on online reviews in this digital world. They trust the tried and tested products before investing. The product companies can tamper with the reviews by asking the paid reviewers to leave feedback. To make the reviews more credible and authoritative, Google has jumped into the playground with the review updates. Let’s see what advice Google gives for reviews to have a higher rank on the search engines:

Product Review Page

First, Google talks about the authoritativeness and reliability of a review. To make the review credible, the reviewer can be :

  1.  An expert staff member who can give unbiased feedback for two competitive products.
  2. A blogger who is engaged in impartial opinions.
  3. An editorial staff member.

Let’s read what Google says about the reviews optimization:

  • Assess from the viewpoint of a user.
  • Display your expertise by showcasing your familiarity with the subject matter.
  • Offer proof through visuals, audio, or related links that reflect your personal encounter with the subject being reviewed, thus enhancing the credibility of your evaluation.
  • Present data regarding the performance of the reviewed product across different categories
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of something, conducting original research.
  • Illustrate the new features of a product compared to previous models or versions.
  • Concentrate on the crucial factors that influence decision-making, drawing from personal experience or expertise (e.g., a vehicle review may emphasize fuel efficiency and safety as vital considerations while evaluating performance in those aspects).
  •  Provide hyperlinks to additional valuable sources (either your own or from external websites) to help readers in reaching a decision.
  • Offer various options to purchase from multiple sellers, allowing readers to choose their preferred merchant. 
  • Provide personal evidence and supporting details to help the buyer in making the decision.
  • Ensure that your ranked lists contain substantial and valuable content on their own, even if you decide to compose separate comprehensive reviews. Explain the significant design choices employed in a product and their impact on users beyond the claims made by the manufacturer. Elaborate on the unique features that distinguish the subject from its competitors. 

About Mobile Usability Report:

Furthermore, in the month of April, Google issued a notification stating that it plans to discontinue the “mobile usability” report, mobile-friendly test tool, and mobile-friendly test API of the Search Console before the year ends, specifically by 1 December 2023.

Launch of New Google AI Tool - BARD

AI is surrounding our life. Chat GPT, an open AI, is in trend. We should not expect Google to sit quietly and let other information-providing AI win. Google has launched its conversational AI Bot called BARD. Bard is a conversational open AI who provide you with information instead of giving you a list of web pages.


Search Engine Optimization is a process to organically elevate the search engine result page’s ranking. Here the question arises- If Bard will give all the answers, then what is the need for the web pages? Well! Bard has its limitation and may not provide a comprehensive and clear answer.

 The AI will be placed in zero position or featured snippet. The web pages will be ranked after it. Today, you can talk to Bard at https://bard.google.com/.

The SEO elements will still need the care of marketers. Quality content is the key to success in digital marketing. Follow the EAT criteria, update the content regularly, and fill in the relevant information in the content. Bard shows the source of its answer, i.e., the website address, in the conversation. It helps the user to have more details about the topic. The quality content will be relevant as Bard displays the websites’ address for related searches.

We are still unknown of the extent of information Bard possesses yet. As chat GPT’s knowledge is well known. It has the information that is on the web till 2021. Once Bard is out of its experimental stage, all the details will be unveiled. 

Bard has been launched in Europe and Brazil with its full potential.

Is SEO in Trouble?

The advancement of AI technology and its integration into Google’s search engine is a notable progress that will continuously influence the search environment. While Bard is expected to have a growing significance in providing information to users, it is unlikely for SEO to become outdated. In reality, SEO and AI can harmoniously collaborate to improve the standard and delivery of information.

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