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About Bard and Its Effects on SEO

Bard and its effects on SEO

The trend of Artificial Agency is intervening in human affairs. It is not like we humans are not enjoying it. It is making our life easier and faster.

However, everything brings its cons and pros with it. AI is no different. Many people see AI as a helping hand; on the other side, many consider it a threat. 

No matter what people think, a trend is a trend. The launch of the open AI, Chat GPT, has alarmed all the tech  companies. Since its launch, everyone has been introducing their own AI, be it Snapchat, Chat GPT, or Meta. Every giant tech company is either announcing the launch of AI or improving their existing AI systems.

One AI that everyone is curious about is Google’s open AI known as Bard. Google announced it in February 2023. Bard will be a conversational AI bot designed to provide information during conversations. It is said to be a competitor of Chat GPT and is still in its experimental stage.

The model has been educated on a vast collection of text and code. It can produce text, perform language translation, craft various forms of artistic content, and provide informative responses to your inquiries.

Bard and its effects on SEO

How Bard Will Affect the Web Clicks:

It would be false hope to say that there will be no effect on web clicks and SEO. Yes, it will affect web clicks. Users use web searches to gain information. They may not look into web pages when Bard summarizes the answers. It will be easier for the user to have the answers in conversation instead of skimming and scanning a webpage.

One privilege that web pages will receive is that, unlike ChatGPT, Bard tells the source of information. So if Bard shares your content with the user, it will share your web page’s link in the conversation. This helps the user to quickly have a deep dive into the information. It also helps webmasters to get more clicks.


Bard and SEO
Bard and SEO

Bard sometimes scans information from one or two websites. In this case, it mentions all the sources (i.e., the web pages’ links) to the users in the conversation. Therefore, even if a piece of your content is useful for the user, the link will be shared in the Bard conversation as a source. The eager user may look into the source to dig for more information.

In addition to this, Bard also recommends related searches to quench your thirst for knowledge.

However, the competition will accelerate. New tactics will be adopted in search engine optimization. Keep in mind that sales will only be made through web clicks. Thus, if the user is searching with the intent to buy something, they will certainly look at the web pages.

How will the SEO Work?

Google has not announced the change of algorithm that will occur of Bard yet. The core and review updates were declared at the beginning of 2023. Bard is still in its trial era. Therefore, nothing can be said about the algorithm.

However, the following changes are expected from digital marketers to keep up with the pace:

  1. Produce top-notch content that is tailored to your intended audience. This remains crucial in attaining a higher position in search results.
  2. Incorporate relevant keywords throughout the content on your website. Bard has the ability to comprehend the purpose behind search queries, which makes it vital to use keywords that align with the content on your web pages.
  3. Establish backlinks to your website from reputable sources. Backlinks continue to be a significant factor in ranking, so building connections with relevant websites within your field is essential.
  4. Keep your website regularly updated with fresh content. Google has an affinity for up-to-date content, so it is crucial to consistently add new content to your site.

By adhering to these steps, businesses can optimize their websites for Bard and enhance their chances of achieving a higher ranking in search results.

How Would Pay-Per-Click Work?

Advertisers need to erupt their creativity to compete with AI. The pay-per-click will not solely depend on the bid and the keywords, but engaging and captive advertisements will also play a significant role in climbing the ladder on search engine result pages (SERPs).

About Kosch's Marketing:-

Purchasing and selling will continue even after the integration of AI. Though Bard will provide summarized information, the purchase and sale will be made by you. Digital marketing phases might change, but the platform will remain the same. Collaborate with Kosch’s Marketing, where experts in copywriting reside. We create advertisements, website content, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, product descriptions, sales pages, and more to maximize conversions. Feel free to contact us or schedule a meeting. We are only a ring away.